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Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, App, API, Backend



Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, App, API, Backend


The client wanted two separate apps, one for Louise Hay and one for Eckhart tolle. They should feature a responsive, multi-platform app to look up affirmations, have the user reminded and share quotes. They should both be manageable in a web backend and feature a rest API.


MinusHow to target all platforms with a low budget?
MinusHow to manage and deliver content to devices as easy as possible?
MinusHow to make the apps fully responsive, including search and dynamically generated images?


The app should be multi-platform and on a single codebase. A web based dashboard was preferred to manage the content.

Picture material


Fully responsive, multi-platform apps based on a single code-base. CMS managed content


Different categories


Shareable, dynamically generated quote with background image, server-side generated

Deployed stack



Ensuring compatibility and responsiveness across all devices and sizes with one codebase.


Conception and Consulting




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