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Our development team at Pacific Codeline in Southern California also focuses on backend development. Our expert team is proficient in all of the different technologies including PHP, Symfony, SQL and noSQL. Our team of developers can focus on the architecture behind the application that remains hidden to the end user, but is an essential part of ensuring that your system operates properly. Keeping your back and frontend communicating flawlessly is essential for it to properly execute desired requests, and doing so requires a lot of professional experience and a structured vision across all systems and applications. We will give a more thorough explanation of backend development below, including how our team at Pacific Codeline can support you with any backend projects.

To give you an overview of our work, we explain the most important aspects of backend development below.

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What is a backend?

The backend is also known as the data access layer and refers to an application that works in the background of an application, where it is not visible to the user. The backend processes requests extremely quickly, and is installed on a seperate server where it is adapted and maintained.

The frontend is where the user interface, data and content are displayed to the user. While the user works on the frontend, the backend has to handle countless requests while also executing actions without the user having to wait a long time for the requested information.


backend as a service

Backend as a Service (BaaS) can simplify the creation of a powerful backend enormously, and is becoming an increasingly popular solution for backend development projects. This provides the ability for our development team to create a backend in just a few steps and easily link it to the application.

Some of the more well known providers of BaaS are Google (Realtime Database, Authentication or Cloud Functions) and Amazon (Amazon S3, Cognito, Amazon EC2). Often hybrid solutions can also be developed that access multiple services simultaneously. With the backend housed in a cloud solution, your company will be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Backend Development Procedure

Determining the requirements and concept of the solution is perhaps the most essential part of a backend development project. Only after these requirements have been sufficiently clarified can the technical feasibility of the project be checked and guaranteed. To ensure that this happens, our skillful team of backend developers at Pacific Codeline work hand in hand with our customers and make a detailed requirement analysis the top priority for our backend development projects.

If you are looking for or have questions about a backend solution, our team of backend developers at Pacific Codeline would love to help. Use our contact page to call directly or send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

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Observe server requirements

If the backend is located on a server, aspects such as scalability and location must be accounted for. Because a server has to process an enormous amount of requests at the same time, its capacity must be sufficient for the scale of requests anticipated. If an extremely large number of simultaneous requests are expected, the backend may be distributed across multiple servers to facilitate them. The location of the server(s) determines the speed at which the users receive their requested data or content. For this reason, it is important that servers near the application’s use be utilized to ensure there is no lag in data or content delivery.

Our team of developers at Pacific Codeline are specialists in HTTP, SOAP, REST, databases and SQL queries. Because our development team has such a wide background of experience, they are able to grasp, understand and visualize the entire architectural landscapes of our customers' systems. Every project is different, so we focus on both the big picture and specifics of the project to determine which methods and approaches will be used to develop a particular backend. To ensure that we always have the right solution for any project, we can use cloud solutions such as those from Amazon or Google, or we can develop a bespoke solution if neither of those services meet the customer’s needs.

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