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By using microservices, our development team at Pacific Codeline can help your company shape the future through the most modern technology. While inert monoliths were the gold standard for a long time, modern software architectures consist of many individual microservices and containers. These make the software solution more flexible as a whole, easier to maintain and provides the ability to expand with agility. Regular updates can be carried out easily and quickly to improve the user experience in real time, or to expand your solution with new features.

What exactly are microservices?

Microservices are individual processes that, when combined, form a pattern that represents the modular structure of application software. They work independently of each other and can be further developed or adapted just as independently. The remaining processes are not affected and can continue to be used without restriction. The whole architecture is therefore more flexible and uncomplicated because it consists of many individual parts. Nevertheless, all modules consist of the same code base and are published as a whole, coherent system.


Advantages of using microservices


Do you need to create additional services for your website or app? Microservices can be developed and implemented with agility and speed across different servers and infrastructures.


Using microservices, individual components can be better understood, adapted and extended by programmers. This makes work easier while additionally saving time and money.


When microservices are used the individual services have no negative ripple effects on each other, because they were each developed independently. This means that if one apple is corrupted, it has no corresponding effect on the rest of the architecture.


The modular design using microservices allows for the implementation of individual services with less effort. More coordination and communication are required, but this still offers more advantages over the previous monolithic approach.


Microservices development saves you time in development, updates and implementation, leading to a faster time to market for your product.

How do microservices work?

In software development, microservices are representative of a cloud-native technology that works with isolated application units and API interfaces. Programmers can work on individual components and build a bridge to each other with APIs, but experience and a willingness to learn new things are crucial to overcome the potential challenges. As beneficial as microservices are, their development is much more complex than the development of the outdated monolithic solutions. To effectively develop microsystems that will drive your website or app forward, it is essential to have a partner who understands these complex challenges and can navigate them for you.

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This is how microservices are used in companies

Imagine a payment processing system: customers can purchase goods and merchandise online using different payment methods, while the seller can track the transactions. Each step required to enable this could represent a microservice: the front end (visible to the customer) is used for ordering, communication with the payment provider, shipping, etc. If one of these systems fails, all of the others can still run without interruption.

Frequently used technologies:

Front-end technologies





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Backend technologies






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With microservices, modern companies can stay ahead of the current developments in digitalization. Contact us now to learn more.

Christoph Heike, CEO of Pacific Codeline LLC

Christoph Heike

Sustainable software

We will create the future together

In order to produce sustainable software, developers must focus on solutions that will remain the basis for extensions and adaptations in the future. For developing software architecture, a dedication should be placed towards maintainability and resiliency as well as distribution and deployment. In order to produce forward looking software, its architecture should be flexible enough to be partially exchanged on the fly and easily improved when required. This will allow the company to remain extremely agile with an ability to react rapidly to the conditions of the market and competition within their industry.

If you would like to learn more about microservices, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our microservices development team will give you a free, no obligation consultation regarding your options.

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