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We can assist you in providing your partners with a special value add by allowing them to participate in your processes through customer, sales or support portals. By providing a portal or platform, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and create a special relationship with your business partners. For any user who interacts with your company, the ability to provide them with a portal should be considered. Whether it is an internet, extranet or individual solution for your customers, there are no limits to the unique experiences we can help you provide for your partners and customers.

Difference between platforms and portals

While the terms “digital platform” and “portal” are often used synonymously, there are differences regarding how they are used. You can learn more about these differences here.

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What is a platform?

There are different types of platforms, which can be external (such as a community platform) or internal (for your own employees). Community platforms like Ebay, real estate or sales platforms offer users the opportunity to exchange information, communicate with each other or advertise. As a user on a community platform, you can register in most cases and create or respond to offers. Essentially, these platforms present supply and demand opportunities to their users for goods, services or information. On the internal side, companies may create an internal platform to provide a digital workspace for their employees to house their work, data and communicate with each other.

Advantages of platforms

Expansion of your offering

More visibility and reach

New distribution channels

Open up new channels

Addressing new customer groups

Through a public platform

Investment in the future of your company

Long-term ROI for your company


What is a portal?

A portal offers digital access to a company by providing accessibility to various services for users. From the company’s point of view, these may be customer, consulting or document portals. Using the portal, users receive personal access to selected data and information to become a direct part of a specific process. These corporate portals will often provide chats, blogs or document archives in order to simplify communication.

Advantages of portals

New distribution channels

Open up new channels

Larger service network

Higher customer satisfaction

Information Retrieval

Long-term ROI for your company

New customer groups

Growth for your company

Customer loyalty

An important factor in globalization

Automated processes

Efficiency increase

We support you

Idea generation & brainstorming

Together we will consider how your company could benefit from its own portal or platform.

Technology Consulting

We help you to choose the right technologies.


Implementation of portals and platforms.

Maintenance & further development

Maintenance, renewal and further development of existing portals.

Start with your contact request.

Platforms and portals offer helpful ways for a business to offer its partners and customers a unique value add for obtaining information, while concurrently creating a higher affinity between your company and them. Use of portals and platforms can allow information to be distributed quickly, they can regulate processes and allow user rights to be determined, and each of these functions can be continuously developed. Platforms and portals should be used as an opportunity to guarantee customers, employees and partners with quick and easy access to the information they need and to enhance communication while gathering information about the target group.

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This is how portals and platforms are used in companies:

External to the company


Process Management




And many more...



Process optimization

Production optimization

Knowledge transfer

And many more...

as a product

Advertising platform





Software as a Service Product

And many more...

Used correctly, a portal or platform can add real value to your business. It provides an autonomous vehicle for your business operations and can help your company to scale tremendously. However, this requires cross-industry expertise from the areas of development, business management and marketing.

Christoph Heike, CEO of Pacific Codeline LLC

Christoph Heike


Boat Hero - Platform & App
Plattform, App, SaaS

Internationally oriented and multilingual online platform for boat sales that includes a dealer area, main page, user area, mobile app and much more.

Food Delivery - Mobile App MVP
App, Web Backend
Food delivery mobile app with a backend built to facilitate a restaurant chain. Orders, menus and delivery areas can be individually created and managed. In the kitchen, new orders are continuously received on an iPad and receipts are automatically printed.
Louise Hay / Eckhart Tolle Apps, API, Backend
iOS + Android App
Look up affirmations and generate shareable quotes. Louise Hay and Eckhart Tolle Apps for a German publisher.
Black Ash - Gutenberg WordPress Theme
Commercial WordPress Theme for acti Resale
A commercial WordPress theme made for resale. It features 10+ custom Gutenberg Blocks and 5+ Page Templates.

This is how it works

Important approach in the realization of your portal or platform

When developing platforms or portals, there are far more considerations to be taken into account than the technical aspects alone. An application should provide its users with an ability to utilize it easily and intuitively, but the business aspect is also a crucial consideration. The entire structure of the targeted solution and service offering must provide added value for both the user and the company. Since the development of a platform or portal can be a very complex issue, our team at Pacific Codeline attaches great importance to ensuring the solution works for you even after it launches in the technical, economic and all other aspects.

If you would like to learn more about our approach, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Frequently asked questions

That depends: what external factors need to be considered for development of the portal? Is there already a corporate design? Have all functional requirements been worked out already? Do you have contracts with a payment processor that need to be included? You should plan at least 3-6 months for the complete development of a portal, with answers to the questions above being crucial to how long it will take.
Our development team at Pacific Codeline is asked this question often, and there are many variables that need to be worked into the answer. Is the portal or platform in question a prototype or are you looking for a fully fleshed out product? How many functions do you need integrated? Do you already have a corporate design? Do you need our development team to support you with a requirement analysis? A small portal can typically be completed starting around $9,000 plus tax. Medium-sized applications can quickly move into the range of $55,000 to $65,000 dollars plus tax, with answers to the questions above leading to variations in price and timetables.
The process of our expert software development team at Pacific Codeline typically begins with a free, no obligation meeting. We use this opportunity to get to know each other and your needs. After our initial meeting, our development team can give you an initial assessment of your project. Next, you will be asked to create a list of requirements alone or in conjunction with our team at a future meeting (or meetings). After these requirements are finished, we can provide you with a fixed price quote. Once everything is agreed upon, our team can get to work and will keep you consistently updated on our progress.
Absolutely - this is actually an advantage. Due to our experience and history working on projects for companies across many industries, we can give you tips and advice during the idea phase to help you fine tune your vision. We can identify obstacles and potential hurdles together, gleaned from our data-based best practices and lessons learned, that can help you save time, money and avoid potential pitfalls.
This is certainly possible, but the solutions and processes will depend on which technologies your existing software uses. Our development team are experts in the different types of available technology and have created custom solutions for many companies who needed them. We would be happy to sit down with you for a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your needs at any time.
While we focus exclusively on what we are good at (development), we have a broad network of partner companies and agencies who we work with often to assist our customers. Our experience allows us to connect seamlessly with server & cloud providers and hosters alike, and we can help you determine which hosting solution would be best for your needs.
Security is paramount to our team, and our many years of experience have taught us a lot about the security needs and threats that exist in our ever changing cyber domain. As such, we consider the security of any project we work on from the very start, and can provide you with advice on data protection issues or connect you with the appropriate legal counsel for more complex cases.


Clients & Contracts

and many more

Your advantages with Pacific Codeline

Rights of use & exploitation

You will receive the rights of use and exploitation of your work result.


Should something go wrong with your project, we have IT liability insurance.

Monitor the project's progress

We do not leave you in the dark. You will be continuously updated about the status of your project.

Project management intern.

With our unique DADPR-System.

Quality & Competence

We have already implemented countless projects from a wide range of industries.

Future-proof and modern

We are distinguished above others in the industry through our modern working methods and future-proof technologies.

Web design, UI & UX design possible

Pacific Codeline can also provide or broker design services including corporate, web, UI and mobile app design.

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