About California based Pacific Codeline LLC

Experience and reliability are the key to developing custom software that is efficient and effective. Pacific Codeline LLC was founded by Mr. Heike in 2021 in emerged from his German company, Webzeile GmbH, which was founded back in 2009. He started out in Germany with his German agency that has been developing web applications for over 12 years. Our vision is to offer the expertise, knowledge and reliability that we have gained through our work in Germany and use it to deliver benefits to US customers, starting with the SoCal market.

The difference between the Pacific Codeline software development team and other firms is our inherent passion for our work. Don’t take our word for it - arrange a free consultation and let us show you the Pacific Codeline difference for your software development needs in Southern California.

Christoph Heike, CEO of Pacific Codeline LLC

Christoph Heike

Trust our proven process.

For a successful customer project.


Initial interview

Requirements analysis

Development & Test


In the initial consultation we get to know you, your objectives and your environment.

Your needs will be analyzed in detail by us internally and you will receive unbiased and technology-agnostic advice.

When development begins you are constantly kept up to date and included in the development status updates. Testing is constantly being performed to ensure the best results.

Your finished software goes into productive operation and can be used by you.


We develop web-based solutions, mobile apps, and software projects.

As an Orange County based, full-service web & software development agency/contractor, we offer professional web and mobile application development, planning, realization, and implementation of complete and partial projects, Internet applications and web-based software solutions.

Are you a project stakeholder looking for a software, web or mobile app development agency/company in Orange County & Southern California? If you are looking for a development team to support your project, how do you know they have the necessary experience? That their technology is future proof? That they will take your project seriously and stick to the allotted budget?

You have finally found a reliable and competent partner for your software and mobile app development projects with Pacific Codeline.

In cooperation together as a team.

Even with new technologies.

Our development team at Pacific Codeline strives to always stay on the bleeding edge of technology. We love to learn something new from each of our customers. Whether it be the latest developments in IoT, AI or Blockchain, get in touch with our team so we can learn something new together!

New Technology

Our pillars

Project start


With Pacific Codeline you have found a web, mobile app and custom software development team who understands the needs of your business. Our team will partner with you to analyze your specific requirements and conduct a technology-agnostic consultation.

During the project


With more than 10 years of software-development experience, our team at Pacific Codeline has worked with many clients and myriad different types of businesses. For you, this means that we deliver high-quality results that you can depend on.

Project end


Reliability is our top priority. Your company’s requirements and easing your concerns will be the focus for our experienced team until the job is complete.

Get in touch with us right away.

Get to know our team by arranging a free initial consultation today.

Learn about the Pacific Codeline Tech Stack

We have worked or are currently working with the following technologies.

Tech Stack
FrontendVueJSVueJSVueJSReactAngularAngularSASSSass/SCSSHTML5HTML5JavaScriptJSand much more
BackendPHPPHPNodeJSNodeJSSymfonySymfonyLaravelLaravelYiiYiiand much more
DataMySQLMongoDBPostgresPostgresSQLFirebase Cloud FirestoreCloud Firestoreand much more
JenkinsJenkinsBitbucketBitbucket + Bitbucket CICircleCI
and much more
ArchitectureGoogle CloudApache KafkaApache KafkaKubernetesKubernetesDockerDockerAzureand much more
SystemsMagentoMagentoWordPressWordpressShopwareShopwareand much more

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Clients & Contracts

and many more

Your advantages with Pacific Codeline

Rights of use & exploitation

You will receive the rights of use and exploitation of your work result.


Should something go wrong with your project, we have IT liability insurance.

Monitor the project's progress

We do not leave you in the dark. You will be continuously updated about the status of your project.

Project management intern.

With our unique DADPR-System.

Quality & Competence

We have already implemented countless projects from a wide range of industries.

Future-proof and modern

We are distinguished above others in the industry through our modern working methods and future-proof technologies.

Web design, UI & UX design possible

Pacific Codeline can also provide or broker design services including corporate, web, UI and mobile app design.

Quick offer

You will typically receive an initial assessment within a few days.