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Event Driven Architecture in Web Development


Requirements for web solutions have become more and more complex: We no longer want to have to repeatedly check if something interesting has changed, or even wait for periodic updates - but to be informed when something happens. Special weather conditions, new contact requests, high-priority fault messages, or service requests that offer new business opportunities are examples. Read »
PHP vs. JavaScript - advantages and disadvantages


What is the difference between the two programming languages? Read »
Creating a Successful Digital Business Model

Digitization is one of those things: While sparrows are chirping about it from every rooftop in the global village, few people have a concrete idea of where digitization even begins. Even fewer have a vision of how to use it for their own benefit. It's a shame, really, because these visions are not only sensible and important, but downright necessary. For SMEs in particular, the digital transformation so often proclaimed offers a real opportunity. But how can a company do business digitally? Read »
How to Find a Web Development Contractor in California

Custom web development service providers or contractors aren’t all created equal. While it's easy to find someone to build your product, it’s more difficult to find someone to build it right. Your ideas are precious, and you want to find a partner who can turn it into a reality. Today, we’ll offer some tips to find the perfect custom web development service provider in California. Read »
How to Write a Good Requirements Specification

Every business is different and that means having different needs. It is important that you understand how to write a good requirements specification so that service providers can give you a realistic quote and so budgeting can be planned accordingly. To avoid chaos and bad performance, you will want to create a good requirements specification Not sure how? Today, we’ll be highlighting what requirements specifications are and how you can write a good one. Read »

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Flash Messages in Jestream+InertiaJS


Have you ever wondered how to use Flash Messages with the Laravel+Jetstream+Inertia Stack? Turns out, not the usual way. Read »
Creating a FAQ React Component to add Google Structured Data


In this post, I want to show you how to create a React component that features a FAQ section to make use of Google's Structured Data. Read »
How to seed Many-to-Many Relationships in Laravel + Eloquent


Have you ever wondered how to seed many-to-many relationships in Laravel? In this example, we'll show how to achieve this using Orders and Products. Read »
How to use Sentry.io with NextJS


Setting up Sentry for NextJS is really straightforward and can be very useful for debugging your NextJS application. Read »
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